Bonding With A Dog

dog bonding with kid

Owning a dog is a great idea. Dogs are great companions and they make your life complete in one way or the other. Once you have a dog, it is essential that you bond with your pet. Play is one of the most important things you should consider to bond with your dog.

This is because it enables you to establish a role as a pack leader. This is not only good in rescuing dogs but also in bonding. It puts your dog at ease and it will learn to be close to you at all times even when it senses danger.

Play is also a great way to bond because it allows you to develop routine and consistency. Dogs love consistency in everything they do. They also love to develop a routine. This is because it enables them to feel more secure at home and even when outside playing. If it is an adopted dog, it will also feel at ease in the new environment as you bond. Therefore, take time to play with your dog. Choose the best games that suit your dog depending on its age and sex.

Tug of war is one of the best games that enhance bonding between you and your dog. You only need to assert yourself as the alpha in the game because it is a dominance game. For this reason, it is essential that you take control of the game from the start to the end.

The dog will also work hard to take control. It helps you to bond. There are also other games that you consider. Dogs love to play with the ball. Throw the ball to the dog so that it can catch it. Choose a small ball that will fit in the mouth of the dog. While playing, you can say sweet words to your dog and it will acknowledge thus making your bonding easy and fun.