Common Dog Diseases

Lack of proper care for dogs can cause them to get illnesses that can be fatal if left untreated.

Below are some of the common diseases that dogs do get:
– Skin dermatitis (skin allergies): Dogs mostly get skin conditions when the wrong cleaning supplies are used. In addition to that, they could be having skin parasites which could lead to constant scratching; therefore cause skin dermatitis.

– Dog arthritis: When the dog is fed on food supplies that are not rich in the recommended nutrients such as calcium. Then the dog will be at a higher chance of getting arthritis. In addition to that, when the bone cartilage wears off and is not replaced accordingly, then the dog will also get arthritis.

– Dog cancer: Believe it or not, dogs can also get cancer when fed on the wrong food supplies that contain a lot of chemicals and preservatives. The counter to this would be to feed the dog on healthy diets as well as engage it in exercises.

– Dental disease: Dogs are prone to get dental diseases if their teeth and gums are not properly cleaned. To ensure proper cleanliness, it is advised to take the dog to the animal expert for teeth and gum cleaning. If you want to do this process on your own, you should get the right piece of equipment to do the cleaning so as to prevent hurting the dog’s gums or teeth.

– Food allergies: Dog are just like humans in the sense that they can also develop food allergies. Once you realize that your dog has food allergies, it is advised to immediately stop giving it that food.

– Organ diseases: There are so many organ diseases that dogs are likely to get. For example, they could get kidney diseases, heart diseases, liver problems and urinary tract infections.

To ensure that your dog is healthy at all times, it is recommended to take it for frequent checkups, inform yourself about latest dog articles, and be persistent.