Dog Portrait’s-Why do we do it?

dog portraits

A dog is one of the animals that is considered closest and most affectionate to humans. One reason is probably because dogs do not keep any resentment towards their owners even if they are reprimanded – the loyalty and affection they have developed toward their masters never wane. For this reason, with dog owners’s fondness for their pets, they get dog portraits as a way of showing their love for their pet dogs.

The fact that some people easily build a strong bond with a dog makes this connection special. In addition to this, there are dogs that can be easily trained. Dogs are even trained for a more complex task like assisting the blind people – these dogs are their eyes or their guide to perform their daily tasks. No doubt they are good companions that bring great happiness to many people most of the time.

Making or buying a dog portrait were practiced even years before. Most generations of royal families would want their pets painted as a reward for these animals’s loyalty to them. And these dog portraits were left at the hands of the famous artists, no wonder the results were carefully made with precision.

You can also try if you find this idea really tempting. Having a dog portrait is one way of honoring your favorite dog. You only have to choose one good pose of your dog from your collection of your pet’s pictures and give it to your preferred painter to paint a dog portrait for you.

You can arrange with your painter the price and the time it would take him to finish the painting so you know when to expect its delivery. This is indeed one way of celebrating the life of your dog and the bond or friendship you both shared.