Fast Way to Trim Your Labradoodles Claws

Labradoodles Claws trim

Any dog owner should know how to trim their pet’s claws even if they plan on getting it done elsewhere, its good knowledge to have. Neglecting claw trimming can cause them to brake and be susceptible to nail bed dog pet infections or ingrown nails.

It is painful to walk with long or ingrown nails and results in a pronounced limp. If you are unsure how to go about this or have never done it before, you should take your dog to the groomer or vet and see how they do it.

This is just one of the factors when it comes to looking after the health of your canine friend; another is feeding them a healthy diet which can affect almost every other aspect of the quality of your pet’s life.

You should start when your dog is young as you will likely be able to clip his nails by yourself at this point. If your dog is fully grown, however, and he isn’t used to having his nails being clipped then it’s likely you might need some additional assistance – dogs guides.

You should ensure that his nails are trimmed every three to four weeks but then it may be easier to clip a bit off each week. If you hear your dog’s nails clicking, that is a sure sign that they are in need of a clip. They need to be in contact with the flow but not clicking.

Some dogs have nails which are naturally worn down. Having him walk over concrete will also help them to naturally wear down. As long nails can cause some discomfort before they have been cut, it is all the more reason why other aspects of your dog’s health should not be neglected such as his diet. The Purina JM is a good choice for nutritional value.

Nail clippers: You should use either a scissor type or guillotine type of nail trimmers. Alternatively, you can use a Dremel tool.

Styptic pen: If you take too much off the nail, you will end up clipping its blood vessel which will cause it to bleed. The pen should be applied for a few minutes to the nail which will stop any bleeding. Substitutes which you may have at home include corn-starch, baking soda and flour.

You will also need a nail file which is a more complex process and this is where you should watch a vet or groomer apply. The same goes for a Dremel tool.

Once again, this is an important facet of looking after your pet but implementing a healthy diet such as the Purina CN should be a priority.