flea and ticks on dog

There is nothing quite as embarrassing as seeing a flea leap off of your dog when you are in with the vets for his annual booster. She kindly pretended to not notice but did recommend that I keep up to date with my flea routine to ensure my animals are flea free. As we have cats and dogs and all of them are outdoors she stressed the importance of keeping the pets flea free both for their own comfort and for the sake of having a flea free house.

If your pet has a bad flea problem then they will be itching a lot and will be very restless and uncomfortable. Fleas can really irritate your pet’s skins so it is important to use the correct flea medication regularly and ensure your pet is on a diet with the correct nutrients to help keep their skin and coat in a good condition. Whilst a healthy diet won’t stop your pet getting fleas, it does mean that if they get fleas and already have a healthy skin and coat then they hopefully will not be as badly affected as quickly.

There are lots of flea products available but do not be fooled into buying a cheap supermarket brand of flea medication as quite often they are not effective and you will pay twice as you then need to buy a better product. Frontline is considered one of the best flea medications on the market. It is a simple spot on solution which is easy to apply. You find a patch of skin on the back of your pet’s neck and simply squirt the medicine onto the skin and leave. The fleas are normally dead within 24 – 48 hours. You need to treat your dog and cat regularly to keep fleas and ticks at bay.

As mentioned earlier, it is good to give your pet a quality food to ensure that their skin and coat is healthy. Royal Canin have a great range of food that is nutritionally balanced to ensure your pet is healthy inside and out. They have a range of Royal Canin cat food and Royal Canin dog food.