Our Old Events

First of all, I definitely want to wish all the best to my little Orka. She just turned eleven and she is still the same dog she has ever been. Being sure of her beauty and other outstanding qualities, barking, chasing Neri, loving food and my pillow. Well, she pretends she is getting deaf but my cookie-box test is still saying she is not. Lot of following nice, careless years, Ori!

Dogs in Touch hall in Bergem op Zoom ( 8.11.2009 )

GREAT weekend, indeed, very busy and quite energizing


Honza, Katka and their son Jindra came from Czechie for a short agility-visit. We took part in the competition in the Dogs in Touch hall in Bergem op Zoom. As usually, the organisation was perfect and it was also nice to see all the “old” friends.

Last but not least, courses of Werner Rosseau were just great. Fast, clever, enjyable courses, offering more solutions and application of different skills. Definitely “flying ones”. Thanks for them, Werner!

In short, it was a great competition, in particular Honza made quite a few outstanding rounds with Rohan, Gondor and Pipin. Congratulations!

I was running with Digger, Neri and Trim. Doggies were just amazing. I am so proud of them. We managed a couple of clear rounds, applied some of the trained skills…haha, and also realized,what to train.

As for Neri and Diggi, I already know, how great agility fellows they are, but

Trim, she was such a great suprise!!! where is the unsecure dog, not really happy with all the people, dogs and noises? Two beautiful clear rounds and adding more and more power into each following one. She is so great to run with, fast, responsive, eager… GOOD GIRL!


Together with Adelaine, Kees and other “Maeglin agility friends”, we were going to a wonderful trip to the beach of Vlissingen. Sea, shells, beautiful weather… what to add? Great day, thanks!


Very, very, very special sheltie pups were born in the kennel of Miquel de Coninck Of The Five Colors . Aren’t they great?


Big congratulations to Marta & ELF, son of Neri – they became third in their first trial in the nursery class! Good job!

Dogs in Touch ( 10.10.2009 )

Wow, a great weekend, full of action, full of fun! The highlights:


– First trial of Neri!!! Well, no doubt, Neri IS a sheepdog, but still… Raff – the breeder of Neri – has done a great job! He has spent quite a while explaining to my dear border collie some basic rules – e.g. that “lie down” is a command, not a proposal. Also, he definitely specified that “Come by” and “Away” are ALWAYS in one specific direction… well, I am sorry, I am a woman, nobody should expect me to remember THIS at 100%…

Gentlemen did a great run on Saturday; yes, I admit, I tried to make a record, but it is not the best one.. Nobody told me sheep should be there as well ;o). Anyway I am really proud of them!!!

– Barbecue at the Canis club (I promise to remember the correct name one day). It was “Super leuk”, but still. My Dutch is not good enough which causes a lot of funny situations. At least for the others.

P.S.: Rudy, I promise not to play with the cups other; prizes ;o).


I took the whole tricolor commando, whereas Neri for first time in A2. To be honest, I expected all three dogs to be a bit slower…so, in the end of the day, I was so, so, so happy!! Orka, Digger and Neri did great job and I have a LONG list, what to improve in my handling and training…

…of course, a real sheep dog needs also some real relax – but WHY in MY bed???