Proper Dog Identification

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As a dog owner, it is up to you to ensure that your pet is both healthy and safe. However, as a person with numerous other commitments and responsibilities, it is not possible that you will always be at home to cater for such needs. Often, you will be forced to leave your pet at home to attend to other equally important matters and responsibilities.

Leaving your pet at home alone has its own share of problems and challenges and sometimes, it will stray away from home thus get lost. So what happens when your dog gets lost? Searching is the only option you will have at such a time. However, the search can be intimidating, challenging, time consuming and to make it worse you may never be able to find it eventually. Even then, this does not have to be the case. A number of strategies can be employed to make the search easier and less stressing. One of the best ways to ensure that you pet finds its way home once lost is through identification. Here are a number of ways to use to make the identification of your dog easy.

 Use of dog tags. Tags are the most common form of providing identification for your pets. On the tag you need to provide details including your names, telephone contact and home address. This will enable whoever finds the dog to contact you or get you pet back to your home. One of the greatest benefits of using tags for identification of your pet is their cost effective.

 Microchipping is another effective way to provide identification for your dog. This technology involves insertion of an identification chip onto the back skin of the pet. When lost, scanners that work almost in the same way as store code readers will be used to identify the dog. The chip usually has some kind of coded number which can be used to identify the owner of the dog.

 Tattooing is another way to provide identification for your pet. With this, you can easily tattoo your personal details including name and addresses plus area of residence to enable easy tracking for return of your pet.