Protect Yourself from Dog Attacks Manual

Every year, a lot of people become the victims of attacking dogs. Most of these require medical attention while others need to be transferred to an emergency room because of severe injuries. Although there may only be few cases where the victims die because of a dog bite, but this can sometimes lead to rabies and other illnesses especially if the dog does not undergo proper vaccination.

Sometimes, joggers are more prone to these attacks from raging dogs. Those who opt to jog on parks or tracks will likely encounter aggressive dogs that have probably escaped their owners unnoticed. With all the risks involved in dog attacks, it is more sensible to make sure you know what to do in case you encounter a similar situation.

Most people tend to run whenever they encounter some more aggressive dogs that show an attempt to attack them. This is a common reaction of many – always thinking that they can actually outrun dogs. And when realization came, they will find out that it is only foolish to try to outrun dogs. Moreover, by running away, dogs will only love to chase you because you are marked as a prey. This is not a good self-defense if you want to protect yourself from a dog attack.

In addition, with your attempt to protect yourself, beating the dog using any object that comes within your reach is useless. The dogs will only get furious when they are being attacked and may tend to strike back more violently. If you are caught in a situation like this, simply just stand still while calling for help. But, it is sometimes very hard to retain composure if you can see that the dog is about to bite you.

So, it really helps to be always prepared. There are numerous products today that are made in order to prepare people in this situation. The self-defense products available do not require training so anybody can use them after obtaining them. These are greatly helpful to prevent dog attacks. Pepper spray and stun gun are good defense from attacking dogs. The pepper spray should be aimed at the dog’s nose; however, the effectivity of pepper sprays sometimes depend on dog breeds.