Word About Dog Feeding

dog feeding

One way of making your dog stays healthy is by feeding him right. A dog needs a balanced diet and proper nutrition to be stay in good health. If you have a puppy, you have to make sure you feed it puppy food. It is always good to get recommendations on the best puppy food. Puppies are very sensitive and it is essential that you know exactly what they are supposed to eat.

Try and avoiding changing up the diet of your puppy. When preparing your dog’s meal, make sure that there is enough protein. Avoid feeding your dog too much corn. Some types of dogs may even be allergic to corn. Ensure that your dog does not eat too much grain.

Give your dog food that it can digest and won’t upset the stomach. The amount of calories you feed your dog will depend on the age and size of your dog. Puppies will typically require more calories than a grown dog. Your dog food should also be filled with all the nutrients and vitamins that a dog needs for proper growth. It is also advisable to avoid feeding your dog raw food. You can not be sure what raw food will do to your dog so its always safer to stick to the cooked stuff.

Your dog will need treats every now and then. Do not over indulge him when it comes to his treats. Give him just the right amount. Let your dog learn to adhere to proper feeding hours. If you give him two meals a day, teach him the time that he can have those meals. However, a puppy should have three meals in a day. Caution should be taken on the amount of food that you feed your dog. Avoid getting your dog overweight.